Executive Committee

President: Penny McCarthy
0415 053 149

Vice President: Wayne Creek

Secretary/Newsletter: Mike Neil
0418 211 278

Treasurer: Bob Melville
0413 657 927

Membership: Julie Gill
0423 653 679

Ride Calendar Convenor: Garry Naismith
0418 236 028

Risk Management Officer: Ian Stevenson
0409 520 182

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Ordinary Committee

Ian Duncan

Carolyn Coldrey

Brendan McCormack

Felix Borda

Web Admin: Alistair James
0431 851 897

Committee Meetings

Committee meetings of the Club are held:

  • While covid-19 (Corona Virus) restrictions are in place - by Zoom video conferencing. If you wish to attend, please contact the Secretary

  • normally i.e prior to the Covid-19 crisis - at the Frankston South Community Centre,
    55 Towerhill Road , Frankston (Melways 102 E7)
    on the third Mondays of Feb, May,
    Sep & Nov,
    as well as the AGM in October.
    Light refreshments are available after the meeting.

  • All meetings commence at 7.30 p.m.

Members and visitors are welcome to attend.