Peninsula Pedallers

Peninsula Pedallers is a club for recreational cyclists that is based around SE Melbourne in Victoria.

Members gather regularly to enjoy a range of rides in a friendly and supportive group.

A quarterly Ride Calendar schedules rides for every Sunday and Wednesday. It lists the date and meeting place for the ride along with the distance and type of terrain and surfaces. Members occasionally enjoy weekends away combining riding with social activities.

Distances range from 40km to 80km and average around 60km.  We have two groups of riders.  The faster group usually completes longer more challenging rides whilst the leisure group is more easy going.  Some rides are on-road, some are mostly on paths, and some are a mix.

The Leader sets the pace in accordance with the abilities of the group while a Tail End Charlie ensures the group remains cohesive and assists with any problems. Along with compliance with regular road laws, the club also sets basic, common sense rules for safe cycling as a group.


Become part of an active Bicycle Club that serves your area and join us.

Peninsula Pedallers offers individual and family membership. Members must be 18 years or older.

Individual membership fees are $20 per year.

Family membership fees are $30 per year for 2 adults. (Additional adult members $10 each.)

Download an application form here.

Try Before You Join

We encourage people to ride with us three times before they join.  Normally new people ride with the Leisure Group first (average riding speed 15-20kph) before trying the Fast Group if they want to go a bit quicker (average riding speed 18-25kph)