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(The term Ride Leader has been renamed Ride Coordinator as from April 2014)

Please feel free to contact the committee with details of any rides you would like to lead, or any new ride ideas.

Contacts for First Aid Kits

Ride Coordinators – Do Not Forget to Pick Up a First Aid Kit

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The Ride

After The Ride

Ride Attendance Sheet 

Click here.  You will need permission to access this link.

If you do not have permission, click on the link, complete the request for access and wait for the administrator to authorise you.  Let the admin know who you are in the request message box.

Note that the approval process works best if you have a google account. If you don't have a Google account then after approval you will be requested to enter a pin number sent via another email.

Also note that there have been reports of Apple devices taking their owners to the wrong place once approval has been given.  In this case click on the above link again and it should take you to the correct document.

Useful Links for Ride and Route Planning

Weather Underground - I find this weather site to be fairly reliable and is good for getting local predictions. This link is set for Karingal but you can quite easily change the location to match your ride point.

BOM Rain Radar - Good for showing you where the rain is on the morning of your ride.

Zoom Earth - Advanced weather predictions (or just look at it for fun).

Google Maps - Useful tool for planning routes.

Topographical Map of Melbourne - Useful for working out where the hills are. Check out the CyclOSM layer.

Mapometer.com - Another useful tool for planning routes.