Ride Coordinators

Peninsula Pedallers

Ride Coordinators Guide

(The term Ride Leader has been renamed Ride Coordinator as from April 2014)

Please feel free to contact the committee with details of any rides you would like to lead, or any new ride ideas.

Contacts for First Aid Kits

  • Ian Duncan – 9786 2793

  • Garry Naismith – 0418 236 028

  • Penny McCarthy – 0415 053 149

  • Bob Melville – 0413 657 927

Ride Coordinators – Do Not Forget to Pick Up a First Aid Kit

This Guide

  • This guide has been developed to help you to prepare for and enjoy the rides that you coordinate/lead for Peninsula Pedallers.

  • Peninsula Pedallers recognises the significant role that Ride Coordinators play in the successful operation of the Club. Without you, the Club could not operate.

  • Although each ride participant has the ultimate responsibility for their own safety and compliance with road laws, it is important that Ride Coordinators are familiar with and follow the Club’s Ride and Risk Management policies when leading rides. Peninsula Pedallers wants its riders to enjoy their rides and be safe at all times.

  • Be aware that you can cancel or change your ride, if necessary, because of weather, bushfire risks, traffic, or other conditions. Note that the ride calendar will carry a reminder to members to call the ride leader if the forecast temperature for ride day is 32°C or higher. The ride is likely to be changed or cancelled.

  • Modified electric bikes are not allowed on group rides.

Before The Ride

  • Please ensure that the description of your ride, as published in the ride calendar, is accurate, especially in terms of distance and terrain. Riders must know what to expect.

  • Ensure you have one of the club’s first aid kits available for your ride.

  • Welcome riders, especially new members, and visitors, and brief them all on the ride that you are leading. Your brief should include information on:

  • The route and distance

  • Road / track conditions

  • Any hills or challenging sections

  • Likely traffic conditions

  • Sections where single file riding is appropriate

  • Keeping track of those riders following.

  • Ensure that all riders have signed the ride form (Conditions of Participation).

  • Nominate a “Tail End Charlie”, preferably a member with ride leader experience and an appreciation of the importance of role.

The Ride

  • Set a pace appropriate for those participating in the ride.

  • Stop and regroup at appropriate spots along the ride. Check with the “Tail End Charlie” that all is well.

  • Take particular note when turning at intersections that all riders have followed you. This is a particular policy of the club that unfortunately is too often neglected.

  • If necessary, ask another experienced club member to assist any rider experiencing difficulty.

  • If necessary, ask another experienced club member to ride back and check that all is well.

  • Enjoy the ride.

After The Ride

  • Make sure that all riders are present or accounted for.

  • Return the first aid kit to an appropriate person – preferably the next ride leader.

  • Return the ride list to the Membership Secretary or any committee member. Otherwise, leave the list in the first aid kit.

  • If there has been a significant incident on the ride, complete a ride incident form (there should be a copy in the first aid kit bag) and send it to the Risk Management representative.